Production team

Director Jim Lane is known for Deadly Famous FKA Head Shot (2014) starring Eric Roberts and Daniel O'Meara which is scheduled to be released through Indican Pictures in January 2016.  Lane co-wrote, produced, shot, and directed the horror/thriller. More information about the film is found at

For more than 15 years, Lane has produced nearly 2000 adult-themed movies.  He began filming as a videographer in the early 1990s and was one of the original producers for Spice TV.  During his time at Spice, he produced more than 100 movies as a director or producer.  Lane has his hand in distribution as an owner for more than 20 years.  For five years, he shot numerous mainstream celebrities who tried to exploit the adult film market. For several years, he worked as an independent producer for Playboy on web projects and shows such as, BAD ASS. 

Greg Munsell, founder and owner of Red Cardinal Films, LLC.  The movie business was the furthest thing from Greg’s mind.  The making of Betrothed started out as a favor to a long-time friend.  She had the script written by Jeff Rosenberg and a daughter who wanted to act.  Without boring anyone with the gory details, after a year of false starts and stops, including reading and helping Jeff with script rewrites, the friend bailed with no notice. Instead of staying away quietly, the friend started a rumor that the movie would never get made without her or her daughter.  I am a stubborn old B@#$%^&. So after the dust settled, I made the movie with a new cast, renamed the movie, changed the shooting locations, and Betrothed was wrapped a year later.

What I discovered in the making of previous movies that during the actual filming that I am so involved in the creative process that I never look at my watch. It is an all-absorbing 100% concentrated event that leaves me totally drained at the end of the day. I am so tired that my brain leaves me alone but with a smile.

Born in a small Rhode Island town, writer Jeff D. Rosenberg often felt isolated and alone growing up. A shy, insecure child Jeff would often escape into the world to television and movies. The films of Alfred Hitchcock and Irwin Allen, along with the old creature features of the 50’s and 60’s, fed Jeff’s already active imagination, and soon the young Jeff was acting out his favorite scenes, and writing short stories.

A love of movies, and the need for a creative outlet, led Jeff to the theater, where he acted in over twenty stage productions, and went on to write and direct a few plays of his own. After several years on stage the business world beckoned. After studying business, Jeff went on to run a successful print shop, and then switched to the world of hospitality management.  In both those previous positions, Jeff felt incomplete, and creatively stifled.  He returned to his first love, movies, and his true passion, writing. Jeff’s first project was the web-based comedy, ‘Love, Period,’ which he co-wrote and produced.